Friday 2 October 2009

Research Day

Today is my research day. Today is the day I concentrate on my own writing. After last week’s fiasco when I lost six hours’ worth of work at the touch of a button, I am being more careful this week. I am not multi-tasking. The only thing I have open apart form Word is Twitter. Twitter is non-invasive I find. I just “tweet” when I finish something, and I then reload the page and see what other people have been up to.
I’ve even got my mobile switched off and the house-phone is on answer machine – though it will probably still annoy me.
So, in a few minutes, I’ll be returning to Babel and carrying on with the scene where Kaleem meets the medics who are rebelling against Switch-Off. Then I shall try to repair the damage from last week. Writing is hard. Do we sometimes do everything we can to avoid it?

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