Wednesday 24 September 2008

Coming home to a good friend

Do I ever want to move house again? I don’t think so! Not without getting rid of a lot more junk first. It’s been quite a nightmare. Is it always that bad? I can’t remember. I yearn to get back into my writing routines, and yet when it happens, it doesn’t feel quite right. I expect it will come again. I guess I’m seeing that right now.
I like to start off with the blog writing as a kick-start to my writing day, though I guess today it feels more like a continuation. I’ve already done some academic writing. I wonder whether my followers are missing me.
I suppose there are a lot of new things going on, now. The new university semester is about to start. I’m now working full time. I’ve just moved house. I guess all of these things are bound to make one a little unsettled.
I am, however, looking forward to finding my rhythm again.
I guess one good thing is I’ve had acceptance of a commissioned book about creative language learning. I’m just waiting for the contract.

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