Friday 2 May 2008

Final Draft “Peace Child”

Yes, yet another final draft. I did make quite a major change in this. I renamed one of the characters for part of the story, which for the readers slightly disguises who she is. It gives another layer of mystery, hopefully. I was intrigued, too, to spot some really loose bits. You would have thought I’d have got those ironed out by now or be experienced enough not to have them in the first place. But there they were. I guess we do carry on growing as writers. All the time.

I discussed this with a colleague yesterday whose latest book has just come out. It looked good. He was pleased with it, and I’ll probably buy a copy. But I almost detected in him the same cringe factor I feel about looking at work that was completed a while ago. He also confessed to having moved on. That is the way of it for writers.

Indeed, the new “patch” in PC does seem to stand out. It is quite vibrant. I am pleased with it. But does that create a problem for the rest of it?

The novel has also changed its name. It is now “The Prophecy”. Part II of the trilogy will be “Babel” and the final part “Peace Child”. It will be known as the Peace Child trilogy. But yes, my husband and my PhD internal examiner were right. Would young adults want to read a book with the word “child” in the title?

I’m now going to have about ten copies made into a proper book and let a bunch of people read it again. A plain dark blue cover, I think. Good old Lightning Source. I may, that way, get some endorsements even before it goes out in the big wide world.

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