Tuesday 15 April 2008

Finishing a project

Well, I’ve finished the reworking of the novel I wrote for my Ph D project, The Prophecy, originally called Peace Child. I have reacted to all that my examiners said, and gone along with most of their points though not blindly. Each one has been carefully considered. I’ve added a new strand resisted taking out one which I discussed with some of my original readers. They seemed to still like that. I’ve mad big alterations and small alterations and actually left one or two things just as they were.

One interesting point, for example, is that in my mind’s eyes one of the main characters looks like Trevor McDonald. So, he must be black. Yet I’d created an all white society. It is now clear he is black and that society is mixed. It’s just that the Caucasians are pale after spending years underground.

I’ve decided to have some sample copies of the book made. It will be good to see what it looks like. It will also be easier for my readers to read it like that. It is also cheaper to do that than to have them print and bound at somewhere like Staples. Good old Lightning Source.

It feels quite exciting. Now I have to start marketing to out in the big bad world.

I do wonder, though, do we ever really finish a project? Or do we just abandon them? I guess as the rejections pour in, I’ll do some more rewrites.

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