Monday 28 January 2008

Prose Poetry

As I drove back form Blackpool after seeing my second cousin, Liz, I had a piece of prose poetry going around in my head. It was actually three pieces I guess, about the three times I’d been on a beach with her. It kept on nagging at me, and consequently, I’ve had to give it some time over the weekend.
Prose poetry, or at least what I call prose poetry, is very tied to time and place. You almost need to write it whilst you’re in situ, a little like haikus. If you can’t write it whilst you’re there, it’s good to visit it with your imagination and then write with the senses. That always leads to good writing of course. But then you need to get the balance of emotional engagement and grounding in time and space right.
Well, I’ve finished one piece. I suppose I’ll do the other two later today.
I’m building up a collection called Glimpses. I’ve promised myself I’ll finish it by the end of March.
Well, my book tour will be taking me all over the place, at all sorts of times, so I guess I’ll be able to get a lot of time and place writing in.

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