Tuesday 2 February 2010

Web 2.00

I’m delivering an MA session this evening. We are looking at some more forms of writing. – using blogs, Twitter and Second Life. I obviously use blogs myself. But I’m not just talking about what I’m doing right now. I mean fictional blogs, where you actually try to create a story through a blog. www.blogger.comThere are also applications for this in Second Life and on Twitterwww.twitter.com. You can also tweet about the blog and take it into Second Lifehttp://secondlife.com/?v=1.1 .
These work really well also for collaborative projects.
These three platforms also are good for your networking in your life as a writer. You can post about events and books coming out. You can add your collected wisdom to the various debates.
In the end, they’re also about ways of being published. There are lots of opportunities for making your voice heard. There is little quality control however. Some good material fails to rise to the top of the pile. Some poor material does because the focus has been on promotion and marketing rather than quality.
At least, though you can get your work out there. You can even earn money for it if you go to sites with advertising or get your own AdSense account. It’s only a trickle, but rivers grow from collections of trickles.        

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