Wednesday 10 February 2010

Hot News - Bridge House, Richard Adams, 100 Stories for Haiti

Hot News
What a weekend!
Friday was a great day. My research day. A day when I can stay at home and mainly write. Other days, when I have the time, I rarely have the energy or the brain space.
So, Friday was great and was going to get even better: my friend Debz, publicist and editor at Bridge House was coming for the weekend and we would be having a partners’ meeting that evening and would be travelling to Whitchurch in Hampshire the next morning to meet Richard Adams and finalise some details for his contribution to our anthology Gentle Footprints.
But then the phone started ringing. It was Greg McQueen. Or rather it was Debz telling me that Greg had been trying to get hold of me. I eventually managed to speak to him. His original publisher for 100 Stories for Haiti had had to drop out. I had been in contact because I found it odd that the books would not be sold in bookshops – even though the book would have an ISBN.
Well, it suddenly became the first item on the partners’ agenda. And we agreed to do it. Martin, our designer, is now rapidly putting the book together and we’re launching on 4 March.
The partners’ meeting was magic. Four partners now, probably. We have such plans. Bridge House is blossoming and taking off. Watch our spaces.
The meeting with Richard Adams was even more magical. “So, are you going to include my story?” he asked, almost as nervous as a first time writer. What does he think! This is the man who disrupted my PGCE year with the publication of Watership Down - we were all reading it instead of getting on with our work. And that book is still selling as well as it was just three years after it came out. What a question!
Having my good friend Debz for company for a couple of days was another bonus.
What a way to go!

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