Wednesday 3 February 2010

Blog Experiment Started

I set up the blog experiment with our MA group yesterday. We’re using Blogger despite the current problems. Blogger is really such an easy platform to use – despite the pesky way it won’t let you copy and paste Word documents any more. We’re tying it up with something we do later. The scenario is that we are aliens on a tour to earth and are finding everything strange. It will be interesting to see how far we can push that.
Students are also getting familiar with the way this blogging platform works, the way we create a fictional blog, how we can use Web 2.00 to promote our work and even to publish our work.  
Within the scope of the fiction we’re creating, we’re really trying to see our own lives objectively. Later in the semester we’ll be working on creating a new world. There are considerable difficulties in getting beyond our own. It’s almost as difficult as imagining a colour you’ve never seen before.  

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