Friday 11 December 2009

Shaun the Sheep

I just love this delightful animation currently being broadcast on CBBC. The cleverly crafted sheep with their funny facial expressions and their amazing woolly coats will make children giggle as will Shaun’s quirky theme tune. The farmer and the dog are a hoot too. The sheep constantly outwit them both. The farmer makes us laugh at the poor specimen that is the human being and he mumbles along in some incoherent language which is nevertheless clearly human and probably English.
Some funny things happen, such as the sheep mistaking bagpipes for a sick animal and there are some other funny permanent features, such as the huge sheep who eats anything – including the kite the flock has taken pains to rescue from a tree.
The big question, however, is is it really for children? There are a few – thank goodness not too many- jokes at the children’s expense. There are more which perhaps only adults will understand. On the other hand, there is some humour that would appeal to Teletubbies’ fans. So, let’s take a vote. Who is Shaun really for?

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