Friday 18 December 2009

Quality Control

I’ve decided to enter a competition. It is for a piece of life-writing. I have some little snippets I call Glimpses. I took a look last night. I was appalled that at some point in the past I had thought these good. I now find them decidedly iffy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the last one was the best. It wasn’t the most sparkling topic but it was reasonably well written and quite engaging.
However, I am sure if I take another look today and certainly if I take a look in a few weeks time, I’ll think differently again. The Constant Editor is always with us. I hope this means that my writing is getting better and better. I’m sure I’ll never be completely satisfied.
I’m certain I’m not alone in this. I guess most writers behave the same way. It is in the end a form of quality control.

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