Monday 9 November 2009

The Three Aspects of Being a Writer

Being a writer isn’t just about being a writer. Writing is important and writing as well as you can is crucial. Yet there are two other activities that you really have to take part in: networking and marketing.
I’ve been doing some of the latter today. I’ve actually done two types. I’ve sent a revamped copy of the first three chapters of a Young Adult book and a synopsis out to an agent. It’s odd how you never send exactly the same out each time. Each time it comes back, you’ve moved on a little and you write differently. I would just so love to get an agent. So, I have to market myself to potential agents.
I’ve also spent some time approaching festivals to attend as a writer. I send pretty much the same basic email out to each one. But I do custom it to what I’ve found out about their festival. It’s only polite to find out as much as you can before you approach the organisers.
It’s always important with these to address people by name if you can. It really helps.
It’s actually quite fun doing it once you have persuaded yourself you can.

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