Tuesday 10 November 2009

Get Writing

Some days are just so busy that by the time you find those few minutes’ you hardly have the brain space to write any more. It isn’t just a matter of having enough time. You need the chuntering voice to stop debating the other issues.
I long for the time when I could get a couple of hours writing done before I started the office work. When you do have the time after you’ve been running around like a mad thing, you can’t get the necessary concentration.
Yet, it is the mere habit of sitting down at the keyboard, or with a pen in your hand that brings that concentration. It may take twenty minutes or so to get into it, but get into you can, any time anywhere. Then you don’t want to stop.
I used to give a young boy French lessons. I asked his older sister who supervised his homework to make sure that he did at least fifteen minutes a day. The first five were always the hardest, she reported. After that he was into it and he got going. Sometimes he did as much as an hour. That is what I now have to be like with my writing. It isn’t as comfortable as when I came to it fresh and raring to go. But it still works.
I must remember as well that I tend to write better on the days when I struggle.

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