Saturday 18 April 2009

Struggle with a Character

I’m struggling with one of my main characters at the moment. He bores me excessively. I ‘m desperate to get two novels finished by the end of 2009 and I’m nearly at the end of the first of the two. They’re actually the two second parts of a trilogy and have to be finished so that the whole trilogy can be published. Every time I spend some time on this novel I get very yawny and the time passes very slowly. Maybe it is just that particular point where I am – just coming to the brow of the hill.

I am indeed at a tricky scene which is the beginning of the resolution and of course that is the one part that absolutely has to be right. It is in fact the most difficult part of a story to get right.

I’ve also had a funny week where I’ve not had much time to write. It makes me feel uneasy. It’s like not eating enough fruit or not getting enough exercise. But that coupled with being at that awkward spot …. Not helping!

It is good to be writing today, though.

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