Thursday 9 April 2009

More News from Bridge House Publishing

We soldier on. I have now picked all the stories for the “Two Sides to Every Story” anthology. It takes a finite amount of time to email everyone with the results. I have to put my academic and my own writing work ahead of that, but actually, in a bizarre way, all of it relates to the academic work anyway.
There were a couple if interesting points about the submissions: possibly the very best one of all was one we can’t possibly use. It gives the point of view of Michael in the Peter Pan story and has brilliantly conceived ending. Alas, I don’t think we dare touch it with a barge pole. The copyright issues are so complex. Another submission failed to have the contact details in the footer as requested. It was a shame, but I felt we had to stick to our guns. It was just too much extra work.
We are now getting more submissions than I can comfortably handle. Our administrator is now going to edit one of the books. It will be great once the other two partners are working full time.

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