Friday 3 October 2008

Working from Home

I guess one of the joys of being a full time writer is that you don’t have to go out on cold mornings. On the other hand, one of the joys of having to commute to work is being all snug in your car and listening to Classis FM. I find driving good thinking time and an essential part of writing.

I worked form home today and relived with some nostalgia how I used to do it all the time. My husband also works from home and we are actually amazingly good at not disturbing each other. But there is just such a cosiness about it. My office at work is cold. The windows are metal framed and they shrink in the cold and let in a draught. It lacks colour. My study at home has warm colours and my chair is right next to the radiator. Plus I can slop around in my old faded jeans.

It is great that my job at the university is so flexible and that I can work form home now and then. I had to do it today, because I had a man from social services come and help me fill in a form for my dad to get £40 a month. It had to be filled in with the precision we use for filling in bids for funding. Home from home, I guess.

It didn’t stop the flood of emails, but at least I avoided the traffic.

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