Wednesday 8 October 2008

Ilkley Festival

I had my gig at the Ilkley fringe festival on Sunday. I delivered my Character Magic workshop and the magic worked as usual. It was intriguing that much of the time there was silence in the workshop as the participants scribbled away. They were pleased with what they produced and I have the feeling that they would have liked to carry on.

The Manor House is a beautiful old house and we were lucky to have such a pleasant sunny day. It enhances the mood. Mind you, you actually couldn’t really tell you were in such a beautiful old building as the room seemed much like any other classroom.

It was such a lovely day and the drive over there was very pleasant. I actually sat in the park to have my lunch. Well, there was a nip in the air, and you couldn’t have sat there too long, but considering it was October and I was in the North of England, and considering the terrible weather we had the day before, it was pretty good.

I attended another event at the main festival – all about “The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth” by Frances Wilson.

The Ilkley Playhouse is a treat, and it is so good that they manage to put on such an impressive festival in such a small, out of the way place. There are still some events going on if you’re interested.

It’s a place I could see myself living – small and cosy but lively.

I had a fantastic Balti afterwards as well. Check out

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