Monday 8 July 2024

Today Jim Bates tells us about his involvement with The Best of CafeLit 13


How did you first get to know CafeLit?

I came to CafeLit via Gail Aldwin. This was back in 2018. I’d met Gail through a writer friend of mine Kathy Sharp. Gail suggested I send a story to CafeLit. It was the first time I’d ever submitted any of my work ANYWHERE and I was extremely nervous. Incredibly, my story was accepted. Thank you, Gill! I was over the moon with joy!! Since then, I’ve submitted many stories to CafeLit and have been fortunate to have had many accepted. I’ve also sent in stories for the themed anthologies and have been lucky to have been accepted a few times. So, I must say, “Thank you so much for supporting my writing! You all mean the world to me!”

What do you like about it?

I like that CafeLit offers an opportunity to send in work and know that it will be looked at and judged on its merits. The staff are knowledgeable. I can tell you guys love stories and writing so when a story of mine is read and accepted I feel like it’s a good one. That means a lot to me. I have a special place near and dear in my heart for CafeLit because not only was it the first place that published a story of mine, but because all of you folks are so professional. You are also so nice! I love submitting to you guys!

Tell us a little about the stories you have in the volume.

I am fortunate to have had four stories selected for The Best of CafeLit Volume 13. Like just about everything I write, these stories came to me as vague ideas which I followed up on to see where the idea would take me. “Lost” is a humorous look at two people getting to know each other during a canoe trip in Northern Minnesota. “Amarylis” is a short piece reminding us that even though winter can be long and cold, spring is just around the corner. “Goal Post” is about a young boy missing his father. My favorite is “Ants” which is set in a small town. A young boy has been left with his grandmother and they do not get along well. The boy takes refuge by playing with a colony of ants. He considers them his friends. In full disclosure, I was that boy.

Why did you pick those particular drinks?  

That’s a good question! I am not an adventurous drinker!! Not by a long shot. Most of my drinks are very plain, but are honestly drinks I would never hesitate to drink anytime. I love black coffee and drink a lot of it during the day. I love ice water. I love iced Arnie Palmer’s in the summer. Any ‘mocha’ drink is a treat because I’m a chocoholic!

Do I write in cafes?

I don’t have a favorite “Creative Café” but I do write in cafes. There is a coffee shop in the town next to ours where I’ll write if I have the opportunity. They have classic rock and roll piped softly through the speakers and it’s a nice change from the room at home on the second floor where I usually write.

Current Projects

I’m putting together a collection of long short stories each of which averages 12.5k in length. There are 13 stories and the collection has a word count of just over 141K. Publication is scheduled for later this summer. It’s a fun project. The stories are very character-driven and I’m looking forward to getting them out so people can see them and hopefully purchase the collection. It’s entitled “The Stargazer.”

Future Events

When this collection is completed, I going to put together another one similar to the first one entitled “Moonshine.” It’ll be just like “The Stargazer” with around 13 stories all about 12k to 13k in length. I also have a short novel entitled “Second Chance” which I will begin working on the second and final set of edits for.

Of interest, here are the books of mine published by Bridge House Publishing and Chapeltown Books:


Short Stuff

Old Man Jasperson andother Stories


Finally, Gill, I just want to say that knowing you and your team has been a highlight of my writing career. You guys are professional yet are easy to work with. I love that you continue to give us emerging writers a place to submit work. CafeLit continues to be one of the premium sites out there. Thanks so much for being there! Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your kind words, Jim. 


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Dawn said...

A wonderful interview with a wonderful guy! Congratulations, Jim.