Saturday 22 January 2022

Tony Domaille, 'Resolutions' contributor, talks about his writing

Tony has recently won our Script Challenge, where writers we have published were invited to turn one of their short stories into a ten minute script. His script, Star Gazing will be published  next month with the other scripts that were highly commended in a volume entitled Script Challenge. 

We have also published Tony's short story Conflict Resolution Management  in our annual anthology, in 2021 entitled Resolutions. Several contributors to Resolutions will be featured here over the coming weeks.              

So, over to Tony: 

I primarily write for the stage, and I never tire of the buzz of an audience reaction to my imaginings being played out under the lights.  Having said that, writing stage scripts came about by fluke. I had injured my back and, being laid up for weeks, was very bored. Then my brother, who knew I wrote short stories, convinced me to try script writing. Months later, an AmDram group produced my first effort, and I was hooked.


In all the years I have been writing I’ve never come up with a routine, or even a dedicated workspace. But I do have a method that often works out well. I come up with an idea for a short story and write it.  I’ve been fortunate to be published in a number of anthologies, in e-zines like CafĂ©Lit, and magazines like Seven and Your Cat.



Once I’ve written a story, I can sometimes see a stage script in the making and write the conversion.  So, I’m lucky enough to have been paid for stories, and to receive royalties for my published stage scripts, but it still feels like a joyous hobby rather than a trade. I suppose that makes me a writer, but I still feel awkward making the claim. That said, it’s a source of pride to know that people are prepared to pay for my work.


I guess I’m most proud of my scripts that have won awards. I genuinely look to audience reaction for the best guide as to whether the work has hit the mark. But who doesn’t like an accolade, and winning prizes?  My plays have won script writing competitions in the UK and USA and at Festival competitions.




As an impatient chap, I’d have to admit to not really enjoying the before and after parts of a writing project anything like as much as the writing itself.  Research can be interesting, but not as alluring as the idea! And editing can be painful. Still, I know both things are important and most often find the self-discipline to get it done.