Monday 7 September 2020

The Peace Child Trilogy


Trilogy? I've actually just finished writing the fourth book and her is a fifth one planned. Will there be  sixth? Will it become like Frank Herbet's  Dune? That started off as a trilogy and ran to nine books in the end. 

Click on the picture above and you'll be able to find all three of the books.  Babel is central to the theme of all three books. Kaleem is haunted by a prophecy to do the with Babel Tower.  Yet  he lives in what our world might become by the 36th century. Some of it all goes back our time and yes, it is all to do with  speaking otehr languages .... in many different ways.

So, I'm organsing a giveaway:

  • one paperback of Babel
  • ten mobi-files    
  • twenty PDFs. 

And yes of course I'd like you to review it. 

Use the contact form to express an interest. First come, first served. 


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