Saturday 6 May 2017

Online launches

I get invited to a lot of these and I’ve hosted a few. Sometimes, I’m too busy to do more than literally “pop in”. I’ll often buy the book buy not always. It has to be the sort of thing I’m interested in. But I can wish a fellow writer well, even if they don’t write what thrills me. I’m trying to be incredibly honest here and it’s up there with only liking on Facebook what I genuinely like.
Elsewhere I’ve described the activity that can take place and made suggestions about how to “behave” at an online launch. Have a look here.
And so now it’s my turn.
I’m going to offer:
·         Review copies
·         The Kindle edition for 99p
·         A tombola where you win an in-depth critique of your work OR a selection of e-books or hard copy books (more of the former, naturally) 
·         A creative writing competition
·         Some freebies  
What am I launching? My very first collection of Flash Fiction, January Stones 2013. The challenge was to write one a day for the whole of January 2013. I’ve sat on them and edited and reedited and finally abandoned. Like you do.
Join me at the launch on 19 May. Sign up here:         

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