Wednesday 3 May 2017

Dreaming of a Dream Team

The idea came to me as I sought reviews for a book I’ve published – not one of my own. I was trying to get reviews for a collection of flash fiction. Between our imprints we have over 200 authors. If one in four of our writers review for us, we’re home and dry.
I wouldn’t expect everyone to review every time … hence my idea of actually creating a dream team.
And why stop with reviewers? Why not also look for beta readers, editors, copy editors, proof-readers, artists, illustrators and designers. 
This is a personal recommendation.  Initially I would use my Dream Team a lot myself but gradually I would add in people that friends and friends of friends had recommended.

What happens?

You sign up to a mail list and every time a request comes in we mail it out to you. The conversation then carries on between you and the person making the request. You may also have a page set up on my blog and you may update that once a year. 
Interested? You may sign up for more than one category. 
Beta readers sign up here.
Reviewers sign up here.
Editors sign up here.
Illustrators sign up here.
Proof-readers sign up here.
Designers sign up here.

I encourage a code amongst writing beta readers and reviewers that they might reciprocate. However, we must at all cost refrain from simply swapping good reviews. Some reviewers and beta readers may simply be readers. We never pay them but perhaps we can be kind to them in other ways. Any ideas? Copies of the finished book, acknowledgements, an invite to the launch and a big fuss about them there?        
Illustrators, proof-readers, editors and designers are paid professionals. Their presence on my mailing list implies a personal recommendation.      

If you want to use the Dream Team

If you’re interested in using one of the services, either browse or search the pages and contact the practitioner directly or fill in the contact form and we’ll mail everyone.

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