Friday 13 April 2012

A reading from Spooking

The lump was in his throat again.
The first drops of the rain they’d been promising all day fell on the windscreen.
He turned on the wipers.   
By the time he got to the motorway, it was raining heavily. As he filtered into the traffic there were flashes of lightening and claps of thunder. He turned on the radio to try and drain out the noise. He pushed his right foot down to the floor, bringing Binky up to her top speed. The music matched his mood. Rousing rock. He was going to fight this and he was going to win.
He steered Binky into the middle lane. The rain was now pouring over the windscreen like a waterfall. The wipers were going full speed, but he still couldn’t see all that well.  He was buffeted from the side wind as he drove out of the shelter of the lorries and cars he overtook. Their spray made it impossible for him to see.
He would have to be careful as he crossed the Hamble Bridge. Binky was quite light and could easily be blown off course. He lifted his foot slightly off the accelerator. Best not to go too fast in this.
He noticed the grey car first of all in his side-view mirror. A Saab, he thought. What was the idiot doing? He was going to hit him. He quickly looked in his rear-view mirror. No, he couldn’t get into the third lane. Chances were, even if he did, the Saab would still smash into him.
It was going to happen. There was nothing he could do.
Don’t try to straighten up if he makes you skid, he thought to himself. Steer into the skid.
He tried to relax his grip on the steering wheel. But not altogether – at least it was something to hang on to.
There was a thud. 


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