Wednesday 29 September 2010

Keeping track

I have a task manager provided with my email account at work. Great, sometimes, you get invited to an event and have the option of it being put in your dairy. It’s magical watching it easily slide in. As I keep a paper diary, I have to make a copy as well but it’s actually fine. Belt and Braces.
I do use the task manager, though. I do find it stops me agonising about what I have to do next. It’s all listed there and with tasks that have a time critical element to them I put in extra reminders.
I’m working generally on my novel, Peace Child and on the post-proof reading edit of its prequel Babel. I intersperse that with academic writing and entries to competitions and interesting submissions. For the latter I keep a list, in date order, in my “academic writing” task box. I try to do two hours of this four days a week. I don’t always manage it of course.
I do find it reassuring that everything is there and I don’t have to try to hold everything in my head. I can reserve my brain for the more creative stuff.
There are plenty of task managers around. I’m using the Microsoft Office one. Lotus Notes is good too. I’ve used that in the past. I use the Microsoft one as it’s provided by my employer.

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