Wednesday 22 September 2010

Hectic start to semester continues

It’s really a case of not remembering correctly, I guess. And it’s partly because of the contrast. There are times when we work in a totally different way - when we’re researching, attending conferences or writing for instance. Other times it’s like being back at school. The change from one mode to another is not always easy.
What is certain about now is that it is hectic.
We had the first BA Creative Writing meeting of the year today. There are some issues and the solutions are not crystal clear yet. So much to take up brain space. Much to think about.
The first years continue looking startled and perplexed. We know how thy feel.
We met with personal tutees today. They seemed very clued up. We got through the routine questionnaire really smoothly. And they seem a nice bunch too.
The year is definitely beginning to take off.

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