Tuesday 20 January 2009

Current Projects

Current Projects
Two lots of proofs arrived the other day. There wasn’t all that much editorial comment this time. It was just mainly copy-editing. As usual, I had several “forms” instead of “froms” and some of it was just stuff that had come about as the document had turned form Word into Quark or whatever it is that they use these days. There were some strange line throws and some strangely spaced lines. I actually only spotted one item not seen by the editor. Mind you, I’ve still just under half of the bigger text to go.
I’m more bothered that what I’d thought were perfect texts when I sent them off no longer seem to be. It’s that same old problem again – you never stop editing. Do you carry on getting better? Will that inner editor that chunters on not shut up even when you read a published text – yours or someone else’s? I’m at that stage now. I only really rejoice in the text that is so good that I stop editing.
Still, one just has to recognise that for what it is and get on, I suppose.
This was accompanied by the very necessary but very tedious chore of completing an author questionnaire. It is quite dispiriting to identify the few independent bookshops and all the local radio stations who might take an interest in your book. I guess, though, if just one does, then it’s worth the effort.
There’s the problem, too, of the photograph. The camera never lies. I can convince myself if I look in the mirror that I’m not aging too badly. But when I look at that photo … I’ll send them a soft copy as well. Perhaps they’ll touch it up.
It’s exhausting.
Still, I’m back to the real writing now.
My current project is “ Creative Language Learning” which I’m writing for Contiuum. It’s not the most exciting book to write, though the topic does enthuse and excite me. Some of the writing is a little tedious. Still. I’ve written 60 lesson plans out of 79. I guess it’s all downhill now.

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