Wednesday 21 January 2009

CrEat!on Café

This is the new name, the subtitle name if you wish of my beloved Angel café. The place never ceases to amaze me. I’ve never had the same thing to eat there twice. I’ve never seen the same thing on the menu twice running. And it’s always so beautifully prepared, delicious and in enormous portions. If you can’t get a table to yourself, whoever you share with is friendly and you soon get talking about something.
I had lunch there today and I had a good chat to Andy, the manager.
The Creative Café is really taking off there now. They’ve installed a cosy reading area there now - low sofas and coffee tables and books and papers, just as I’d envisaged.
Andy showed me the ballroom. It’s a delightful square space, with a pale honey floor and light blue walls. It looks over St Philips Place and St Philips church.
“You could do performances here,” he said. “And in the café.”
We walked down the stairs. “And you could have an art exhibition here,” he said.
Absolutley. Spot on. That is the general idea.

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