Monday 11 August 2008

Writing for Triond

This is an interesting concept. You write an article or a piece of fiction and you post it to the Triond web site. They then place it on the most appropriate web site which is monetarised. They take half the income. You can see how many times your article has been visited. People can leave comments and also say that they liked it. It’s another connection with your public.

Half the income might seem a bit steep. However, I’ve often noticed that I spend more time on marketing material than I do on writing it. So, it seems okay to let these guys do that work and I’ll concentrate on the marketing.

I’m not earning a lot this way. In fact, I’m earning considerable less than I was from my own blogs until Google Adsense pulled the plug for reasons I still fail to understand. I think possibly some rival to some firm that was advertising on my site had become trigger happy and made unfair clicks. This could also happen on the sites where Triond post. I expect, though, they have a more sophisticated relationship with their advertisers.

I would have to write a thousand more articles to get anything like a decent wage with this scheme. Still, as with other forms of royalties, they do still keep coming and lots of peanuts make a feast, lots of trickles make a torrent.

You still have to make a marketing effort. Most of the people who read your postings will be people who have a connection with you. Some others will stumble across you. If the content’s good, both sorts of people are likely to come back. The trick is to make that as automatic as possible – put a link in your email signature. Have a link from your blog and from your web site.

I’m forcing myself to write at least one article a week. And I’m putting up anything else I also think of. At least that’s good for my discipline. And it’s not really costing me anything.

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