Thursday 6 March 2008

The Lombardy Knot

I decided yesterday that my sessions in primary schools need to be a little more interactive. So, I bought some pipe cleaners and spent a good while yesterday evening perfecting the art of the
Lombardy knot as created by Jayne in “The Lombardy Grotto”.

Jayne had to use strips of leather, but they are strips of leather reinforced with wire, which are used amongst other things, for tying up the girls’ and the women’s hair. Pipe-cleaners are a good substitute here.

You take five. It’s good to use three different colours, say two white, two yellow and one black. (See picture 1.)

You wrap the black one, or whichever one is on its own, round the other four. Right in the middle.

Carry on wrapping it until it is all used up.

Then join the two lots of two whites together to form loops.

Now weave the yellow strands round the white ones. It looks a bit like a butterfly now. In fact, like the very butterfly on the back of my book form where the imprint Butterfly gets its name.

Watch this spot for photos. My camera suddenly died. I’m hoping it’s just a battery problem, but I fear it may be more. It had two pips left and it happened very suddenly.

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Frances Bell said...

Sounds fascinating - can't wait to see the photos.