Monday 24 March 2008

Book Launch “The Lombardy Grotto” and “Food Assembly Instructions”

We launched the two books on a cold afternoon, Easter Saturday, 22nd March, 2008. It actually snowed outside a little and a cold bitter wind was blowing. When I arrived, I took the last parking place. Everyone else who arrived also reported taking the last parking space.

We were a bijou number. However, everyone who turned up bought at least one copy of each book. We now have to order more of “Food Assembly Instructions”.

Marco, the new owner of the Village Tea Rooms at Hamble did us proud. They parked me in the middle of the “L” of the dining room. I could see both halves of the café easily and therefore all of my guests.The upstairs room was not ready to hire out yet and the café itself was not officially ready. But it looked fantastic. All the tables and chairs match and each table for two or four people had a red checked table cloth, and also a vase with a single tulip in it. The paint was so fresh you could still smell it.

The cakes are still homemade by the people who always made cakes before – including Sue Pullen, the former owner. A lot better than what’s available from the chains with the possible exception of Druckers. Marco served us a delicious orange and strawberry drink. He’s not licensed yet, but will be soon. That was just right, though, considering “The Lombardy Grotto” is a children’s book.

Yes, we were scuppered a little by the weather and the time of year and the fact that I’d not spent enough time on the invites. But it worked. I gave a copy of each book to Marco and he has also agreed to sell both books in the café

The most exciting news of all, though, is that he is interested in the Creative Café. He even understands it exactly. That is great news.

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