Monday 26 November 2007

SCBWI Writers’ Day

It was a fantastic day. There was the usual assortment of good talks and interesting ideas. It was good looking at the catalogues and books, and of course, I had to buy two new books. It was great seeing some old friends and making some new ones. Some of us met up afterwards for a meal at the Loch Fyne Fish restaurant in Winchester. That was really good of course. My favourite activity is writing. My second favourite is being with other writers.
I think the highlight for me was hearing how David Almond eventually took off. “Skellig” came in a flash and almost wrote itself. Then he took off. He was a competent writer before that, but it somehow never quite clicked. He was convinced that it would all fall into place one day. He kept the faith. It did.
So, you just hold on and hold on and hold on to the dream. It’s what I tell my students. Can I hold on myself?
He also did a fascinating creative writing / storytelling exercise with us. Could I build what I created there into a story?

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