Thursday 15 November 2007

Letters from Publishers

It’s always great to get a letter form a publisher. One that mentions your book, with ISBN numbers and a publication date. Exactly that came for me yesterday. I had requested it. They need proof for the RAE submission at the university that the books actually exist or will exist.
It was good seeing it. There are four coming out with Butterfly:
The Lombardy Grotto – for 9-11 December 2007
Scum Bag for 14+ March 2008
Kiters for 9-11 Auntumn 2008
Beyond the Vale 14+ Autumn 2008
I have now carefully stowed it away with many papers for the university. Next, I have to organise a launch. That will be tremendous fun. In fact, I think I’ll organise a book tour. A free reading to al the local schools. I’ll do a short talk, a reading form the book, answer questions and then sign copies.
Keep your fingers crossed. Other suggestions would be welcome.

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