Sunday 31 December 2023

Writing Trivia A New Year’s Eve quiz for you.

1.      Who started writing cookery books in order to give her husband something to publish?

2.      Which writer finally learnt to write what she knew and then invested the hard-earned money from this in the railways, thereby becoming very rich?  One of her well-known characters is also a woman who writes.

3.      Which writer walked up to fifteen miles a day?    

4.      Which hard-up writer was gifted a boat-house to live in?

5.      Who is writing further Agatha Christie style books at the behest of the Agatha Christie estate?

6.      Which crime writer has passed on his most well-known character to his brother?

7.      Which husband and wife team produced amazing picture books for children, including one about well-known fairly-tale characters and a postman? 

8.      Which writer died after collapsing on stage playing a character in one of his own plays? Doubly ironic, as it was a play about medicine.

9.      Can you name a language in which the word “story” and “history” are the same word?

10.  Why “novel”?  How does this word come about?

11.  Which writer used up to sixty pencils a day?

12.   In A Christmas Carol how many ghosts visit Scrooge?

13.  The royalties from which children’s book support a children’s hospital?

14.   Which novel opens with the line, “The Mole had been working very hard all the morning spring cleaning his house”?

15.  Which writer of horror stories was involved in an unexpected road accident while out walking in 1999?

16.  What is the name of the author who wrote the short story “I, Robot” which was also made into a movie?

17.  What is the title of the longest-running play ever written?

18.  Whose novels were published after his death, even though he had asked for his work to be destroyed? We now use an adjective from his name to describe the bizarre and uncanny.  

19.  Which French writer lived mainly on coffee?

20.  Which writer was the son of a beer-taster and glove-maker, survived a pandemic and really wanted to be an actor?

Answers here.

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