Friday 10 November 2023

Linda Flynn, Gifted contributor, talks about her writing.

I interpreted the title Gifted as being talented, but I decided to subvert it and take more of a Noir approach.

For many years now I have looked for the Bridge House challenge in January, and although I don't immediately decide to enter the competition, the title will often play in the back of my mind until I write it.

Short stories are exciting to write as you can play around with so many structures and forms. Their compactness can also make them very memorable to read.

I'm currently working on a YA fantasy book. I intended to write it many years ago, but work commitments made it difficult to complete. Now that I'm writing from home, the ideas have developed further and I am enjoying the process.

I've had 33 short stories accepted and been published in 30 books. Amongst the most recent releases have been an anthology, I Knew it in the Bath and two children's books: Santa's Supersonic Sleigh and Playing Together.

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