Saturday 26 August 2023

Some Other Writers’ Blogs: Allison Symes


Allison writes a lot of articles for Chandlers Ford Today.

She writes about many topics to do with writing.  She’s actually interviewed me several times on the site. We’ve talked about:

-          One of my non-fiction books, a handbook for writers who work with schools

-          Writing historical fiction

-          Networking  for writers

-          Teaching creative writing  

-          My work as a publisher

Take a look here..

Her specialism is flash fiction and she has several articles about this including:

-          Interviews with other authors

-          The nature of flash fiction

-          Her own collections

See here her articles on flash fiction.

Allison is a great fan of the Swanwick Writers conference and always adds some information about it to this site. If you’re undecided about whether this conference is for you or not you may find these articles helpful. Allison gives plenty of information about the last three conferences: what happens, how useful and enjoyable that is and also shows us plenty of photos and video clips. Do take a look here.    

Allison is also a member of the Association of Christian Writers and give sus information about that as well here.  

Allison now runs some very successful workshops on creative writing and on writing flash fiction in particular. She writes about this here.

Yes, Allison offers us plenty of interesting material on this site and in fact there are all sorts of interesting articles elsewhere on the blog.  Take a look.

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