Monday 19 September 2022

Neta Shlain tells us about her contribution to The Script Challenge


Why did you pick this particular story for creating your script?


When contemplating which story was be best to adapt, I felt that Accident would deliver the most emotional impact. It’s possible that I was simply biased because it is based on something that happened to a friend of mine, and I saw the script challenge as an opportunity to open that door again.   



What was the biggest challenge in turning this into a script?


The biggest challenge was to balance between pace and softness.


Has your script been performed or have you any plans for this?


This script hasn’t been performed yet. I would love for this to happen but haven’t done anything in that direction besides publishing it with you.


Where would you like to see it performed?


On an intimate stage, the likes of Pine Sized in London, The Other Place or the Studio Theatre in Stratford, or something similar. It might even fit better on a screen as that’s what it was written for.


Could you tell us which well-known actors you would like to see performing your script and why?


Talulah Riley and Dev Patel would be an excellent fit for this short I believe. Each of them is somewhere between the comical and the tragical, with very-regular-human-everyday-person kind of look, which is how I see those characters. Would be fab to see them embodying the roles of Mira and Andre. 


Do you have any more plans for similar scripts?


I have a feature drama with tragical elements that’s been finished and needs attention. As far as shorts, I’d love to be commissioned to write one. 


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