Saturday 21 May 2022

Three Effective Ways to Find New Stories


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Get out and about

Take a walk. Go for a bus ride. Do some window-shopping. You’ll see lots of people and every one of them has a story to tell and dozens you could make up about them. Who is the person you see? Why are they here now? What will they do next? Tell their story.

Give the little guy a chance

Or indeed, even the bad guy. What is the reason Cinderella’s stepsisters are so cruel to her? What does the giant make of Jack invading his home?  Why is the strange old man building a big ship? Choose well-known fairy stories or folk stories, tales from the Bible and other religious books, and stories from Shakespeare.

Bring an old story into the 21st century 

A man in his early thirties gives up the day job and travels the globe preaching and healing.  Tell this tory form the point of view of someone in the crowd. Why is a young girl who’s been pricked by a needle in a coma? What or who will wake her up? A daughter has grown wild. How does her father tame her?    

Now tell me you’re stuck!

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