Tuesday 17 July 2018

140 x 140

I'm delighted that my second collection of flash fiction, 140 x 140 is now out. It was fun to write. I wrote these pieces on days when I was editing longer works.  This allowed me a little time to do something more creative. 

Each piece used a prompt: the first picture I saw on my Twitter feed that day. So, each piece has a title and a date. The collection starts on 13 May 2014 and ends on 11 March 2017. Perhaps those dates tell you a little about how long it takes to write and publish a collection. Flash fiction isn't for the faint-hearted. 

Each story had to be exactly 140 words long. This was quite a challenge. 

I'm now working on another collection: that's right 70 x 240.

140 x 140 is one of Chapeltown's little square books. We now have seven of those plus two more conventional 8 x 5, one of which contains slightly longer stories and another which has quite a bit of verse. 

140 x 140 retains the square format but is considerably thicker than the other "square" collections. The paperback copy is slightly more expensive than the others though the Kindle version comes in at about the same price. Our Kindle prices tend to be dictated by the relationship between the pound and the dollar on the day.   

140 x 140 - available from Amazon. 

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