Wednesday 28 June 2017

Question for Schools on The House on Schellberg Street

1.     Do you have a favourite scene?

2.     Which of the girls who wrote the letters do you find the most interesting? Why?

3.     What do you know about the Kindertransprt?

4.     What do you think Renate most missed from Germany when she first came to England?

5.     Two schools had to close in the story. Why?

6.     How was life different for Renate, Hani and their friends from the way it is for you?

7.     What might it have been like, being evacuated from home?

8.     Why might it have been a little easier for Renate's English friends than it was for some other English children?

9.     How was evacuation different in Germany?

10.                         Why do you think Hanna Braun told the girls just to talk about their daily lives in the letters?

11.                        Why did she later suggest they ought to burn the old letters?

12.                        Hani was not alone in finding the BDM uniform attractive. Can you describe it?

13.                        Why do you think young girls were so pleased to become members of the BDM?

14.                         Renate found it all very hard but in many ways she was more fortunate than other Jewish children. Why?

15.                        Renate's parents were forced to divorce. Why?

16.                        Renate and her mother became "Enemy Aliens Class B". What did that mean and why was it particularly awkward for Renate?

17.                        Why wasn’t Hans Edler allowed to come to England?

18.                        Renate has a nervous breakdown. What triggers it?

19.                        How do Renate's English friends help her?

20.  Do think the ending is upbeat? Why or why not?      
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