Monday 24 June 2013

Veiled Dreams

This book comes out officially on the 26 July. You can pre-order it, though … please do if you feel so inclined.

I’ve worked on this book for a while. Then it got put away in a drawer and left for a while longer. It was a very welcome project after I finished my Ph D. It felt easy to write after all of that serious engagement with what is a young adult novel and could I make it work?

John Hunt Publishing have been very easy to work with. They are very business-like and just get on with things. There is a solid community of writers associated with the publisher and their web site is full of ideas to help you promote your book. There are lots of author forums that are helpful as well.

Would you believe I came across them because I follow one of my students on Twitter? She told me she’d got a publishing deal for the novel she’d been writing on one of my modules. I looked up the publisher to see if they seemed all right and they looked so good I wondered whether I could send them something myself.
Veiled Dreams is a young adult romantic fantasy. At one point I was sharing an extract of it with a critique group. I read my work out loud. As I got to one particular part every single person in the group made a note. Oh dear, I thought. They don’t like it. Ah but they did.

I wonder whether you’ll be able to guess which scene that was?  I’ll give you a little clue. It’s in Jan’s first scene.



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