Wednesday 4 August 2010

Getting Down to It

Back to an article / paper I’m submitting for a periodical. It’s quite a descriptive article, so in that sense quite easy to write. Getting the right tone is harder. Making sure everything is correctly formatted is tedious, but, as I say to my students, easy to get right if you make the effort. So it’s odd that I find myself so reluctant to get down to this – at this very moment.
Part of it, I guess is timing. If only I could go back to the times when I wrote first thing in the morning when my head was clear. But I cannot come into this office and settle down to writing when emails and other bits of admin are waiting for me. They have my attention first. When enough of that is done I can get down to the writing. Sometimes, though, I don’t feel that I have the brain space.
I suppose, though, in the end, it’s a matter of just doing it.

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