Saturday 17 April 2010

Stuck in Cyprus

Stuck in Cyprus
So, volcanic ash has travelled form Iceland and covered the UK and much of Northern Europe. I’m in a 2-star hotel and goodness knows who is going to pay for it. Neither the airline nor the insurance seem to want to pay because it is “act of God”. The university that I work for have said they’ll pay, but some moral issues arise.
I’m having to eat out. I will be here for part of the weekend. Should I expect my employers to fund my weekend expenses? Or even the glass of wine I have with my meal in the evenings? Except, I wouldn’t be doing these things if I wasn’t stuck here. I’m not going overboard – but I’m not allowing myself to be too uncomfortable either.
The hotel is only 2*. The one I was in for the main part of my stay was 4*. There are visible differences, but nothing that actually makes me uncomfortable. And I have a superb view from my little terrace. The staff here are extremely helpful. We’re close to the airport too.
Here’s another issue. I actually had a day’s leave booked today. Do I still count myself on university business here? I’ve just spent about an hour looking at university emails. And I’m going to spend about four hours on my novel today. That in a sense is work anyway. But with that, when do I actually really stop?
I am so glad that I always have my work with me. The lap top is here. I have free Wi Fi. I feel in contact with my world. I’ll actually get quite a lot done but get quite a bit of leisure too. I feel less bored and insecure than some of the other people who are having to hang around.
And I’m more convinced than ever again that I would like to live in a Mediterranean country.


joanne fox said...

Oh Gill - I do feel sorry for everyone stranded, especially those stuck in airports en route to somewhere. Hope you get home soon.

teasawilliams said...

there are 3 of us from my family who are stuck in North Cyprus. if there were enough of us maybe we could hire a coach or something from Turkey? Teresa

jane944 said...

my sister stuck in northern cyprus with 2 friends ....

Cristina Costa said...

It's a funny feeling isn't it...? to be stuck in a place..doesn't matter how beautiful that place was, I felt helpless! I got stuck in OPorto. And although I had gone there on a work visit, I felt bad having to post-pone some meetings due to the fact I could not get back to the UK.
If it weren't for the meetings, It would have been OK, because I kept in touch via email and skype and continued doing my work. Actually I did lot of writing those days without a lot of distraction. I am not sure if it was the place that inspired me, or the fact I didn't get people coming in and out of the office all the time.

The contrasting part of my experience with yours is related with the support provided by the airline. I flew with easyjet and once I learnt the flight had been cancelled I thought: OMG - now I will have to find a place to stay and God knows when I'll be able to get back. That, fortunately, wasn't the case. Easyjey, despite the 6 hour queue due to all their flights having been cancelled that day, put us all in 4* hotels and provided 3 meals a day. They also gave me a chance to fly to another airport just so I could touch british soil. After a failed attempt to reach the island via Newcastle (as air space was still closed) I landed in Doncaster 6 days after.
My only problem was internet access, which, to do my work, I cannot go without. Between hotel Internet bills and mobile internet access I have probably spent an extra £100. That actually hurt! You would think that mobile internet here or in Europe would be the same price. After all the connection is being provided by a satellite which probably doesn't even sit in the UK!

So glad to be back. I'm off again in a couple of weeks. i hope to be able to get back OK!