Sunday 3 May 2009

Web Presence

Web Presence
Apparently I now have twelve people following me on Twitter. I only recognise four of them, so I’ve only signed up to follow those four.
Are we shortly to go to Web 3? Is this where the Web will become more fluid, more organic, where things will happen generated by the computer, but intelligently.
Face Book seems to be going mad at the moment. I don’t just mean the virus that’s been around. But I’m being invited into tons of relevant groups. A group seems to be being formed for every event. This is quite good though, because it increases your own network.
I tend to be a passive user of Face Book and My Space, as I can’t be bothered to keep spending time on it, though I will post events and I will react to other things that people invite me into.
My favourite web place is actually this blog. It has some lovely tools to play with and I can’t resist trying something new out almost every time I go in. It always looks good too.
I used to love Author’s Den, but that now seems a little dated and I rarely look at or use it. I am getting hits there, though, so perhaps I should use it still.
One thing is certain though: writers need a web presence.

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