Monday 23 March 2009

Lytham St Anne’s Technology and Performing Arts College

It was good to be near the sea again today. I didn’t actually see it, but I could smell and feel it in the air. I’m really missing the sea. It’s really a pleasant approach to this school as well – seaside or not.
I worked with two groups of Y9. One group learnt French, the other German. All bright students, as it was the “Gifted and Talented” budget that paid for me.
As usual when working with Creative Writing in other languages, I tried to get them focussed on what they did know rather than have them worrying about what they didn’t know. And because they’re bright, they did tend to rather worry about what they didn’t know.
However, we got going, and worked our way through a succession of “Hello / Goodbye” poems, acrostic poems, haikus on topics and haikus with colours, grammatical rhythm poems, changing and build up sentences.
The students worked delightfully hard. They managed to word process and perform their work well.
Aha! Well, they are a Technology and Performing Arts College!
You forget sometimes, though, how tiring a day in school can be. It pays well, but then you have to give value for money. A really nice school, however, and I was really well looked after. I have no right to complain

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