Monday 9 February 2009

Bridge House - beginning to take off?

I’ve now selected the stories for our two new anthologies – one is going to be called “In the Path of the Red Queen”. Or would “shadow” be better? My friend Debz has done it again. She’s written a story which stands out against the crowd. So, we’ll take the title from that. Not so easy as for “Making Changes”. I’ve now got to create some myth about the Red Queen which will pull them all together.
The “Children’s Suitcase” was a bit more difficult. Some of the stories weren’t so good and there weren’t quite enough of them. I’ve had to ask for more. I may be keeping two of my own in there but I’d really rather only have one. Now they’re all rolling in. It was worrying that there weren’t so many as I’d thought that writing for children was even more competitive than writing for adults.
I’ve commissioned the covers. Now the mass editing starts.

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