Friday 22 February 2008

Voice Recognition

I have had great fun recently with some interesting voice recognition software. I’ve put it on my computer because sometimes, just sometimes, not often, I writ in longhand and I actually find it quite tedious to type up what I’ve written in longhand.
You do actually havoc to train it, and that is quite tedious. It takes a while before it becomes able to understand you accurately. I t ahs to get used to the way you say words. It also has to get sued to your style. You can have it trail through all of your documents and teach itself your style. That actually feels a bit spooky
The more you use it, the more it gets used to you.
In the mean time, it does some very strange things. They recommend, especially at first, that you correct each paragraph as you go along. If you do as I do – forget to turn off the mike, it’ll pick up anything – even the news in next door’s flat that you can’t actually hear. Edited or unedited, you then have a really interesting mixture.
For example:
“Lead his I to acquire more are her life manages to trip of my there should hit trip so that the he and they then threw them all more or they want them sure that the law failed to get through a second can receptions and tea in strong mark their it clear that for a prompt 5th of war had to have the troops to unleash the cost of the house looks a wave large teaching hospital named after them or they have an of the did clubs which looks on the one on the fact is that her loss and suave PAC's one of the old renovated at come to this can have Nestle's five-a-side the lively and opposite is that some of the week Shriven everywhere. Major evolved unusual at the they want and what will Von Luck s the was for her if for “
Always, when it guesses, it takes soemhting from the news – “the law failed to get through a second” of football “Nestle’s five-a-side”.

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