Wednesday 19 December 2007

What are the choices after a Creative Writing degree?

What are the choices after a creative Writing degree?
I’m working quite intensely now with Level 3 Students of Creative Writing who will be available shortly for the job market. What are their choices after graduation?
1. Become a best-selling, or at least moderately successful writer, who can manage to live from writing the sort of thing they enjoy writing.
2. Write for a living. This may often involve writing material they find boring, but at least they can say that they are living from writing. They should be careful, though, that they do not leave themselves without the time to write what is their passion.
3. Find a job which uses some of their transferable skills; being able to work to deadline, editing skills, negotiating skills, collaborative working, critical judgement, other creative skills
4. Take an ordinary, undemanding job which doesn’t call for much creativity so that creative energy is reserved for the Big Work.
5. Take an ordinary job that brings them closer to what they want to write about. They could work behind a bar if they want to write about human life, for instance.
6. Delve deeper into the subject and carry on to post-graduate study.
Any other ideas?

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