Friday 17 August 2007

The Business of Writing

How should we spend our time? You have to have enough for food, shelter, warmth, and clothing. How do you do that if you also have to spend time writing?

I’m using Lotus organizer to try and rationalize this all. However, I haven’t got EARN MONEY as a number one priority. But I do programme in all of my marketing strategies, and I even program in thinking out more if I’m not earning enough. I constantly try to go for the big, mega-earning opportunities which pull huge amounts of money in quickly so that I can then concentrate my time on writing. And then I sometimes wonder whether I shouldn't be concentrating my time on making the writing pay. Trouble with the latter is, that sometimes seems even more of a sacrifice of one’s art than even spending time on something totally unrelated to writing.

I’m actually pretty pleased that I’ve found a regular “day” job that will bring me enough to supply the basic needs. The job totally relates to writing and contrasts with it as well. I shall be teaching Creative Writing and English Literature at university level. I found when I did that last year that it actually enhanced my own critical / editorial process. I enjoyed the company too.

Actually, I really can’t wait to start my new post at the University of Salford. It’s almost a shame that it is delayed a little by a family holiday.


Jon M said...

Hi Gill, I followed the link through Wordpool, I tend to lurk there rather than get too involved otherwise I get bogged down with too much internet stuff and not enough writing!
I've yet to make a bean from my writing but I have earned a crust (and I mean buttons really) from music. I think a day job is essential really but I still think you can call yourself a writer even if that's not all you do!

Gill James said...

Hi John,
Yes, I agree. You can call yourself a writer, even if you aren't published and evnen if you haven't earned a penaut through it. All you ahe to do is write, and I guess it's something about it being pretty important to you that gives you the right to use the description.